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Sierra Tucson – Tucson, Arizona

Sierra Tucson

Cutting-Edge Vivitrol Treatment for Opiate Addiction

More and more people are hearing about an exciting treatment for opiate addiction called Vivitrol. Here’s what you need to know:

What Is Vivitrol?

Vivitrol is an FDA-approved medication used to prevent relapse after opiate detox. While Vivitrol has been proven safe and effective at reducing drug cravings and preventing relapse, it must be used in conjunction with counseling, 12-Step programs and lifestyle changes in order to be successful long-term. Vivitrol is also an effective part of treatment for alcohol addiction.

How Does Vivitrol Work?

Vivitrol is injected once a month and is gradually released into the body at a controlled rate. As an opiate antagonist, Vivitrol works by blocking the “high” of opiates such as heroin and prescription painkillers. Unlike other medications to treat opiate addiction, Vivitrol is not a narcotic and is not addictive.

Where Can I Find Vivitrol Treatment?

Sierra Tucson offers the Provita Program, which combines the monthly Vivitrol shot with detox and residential/outpatient treatment. This program includes:

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